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Thursday, November 6, 2008

story of o

for sapiosexual readers, our next book is story of o by anne desclos, published under the pseudonym pauline reage. written for her lover, noted french publisher and sade fan jean paulhan, story of o journeys through a young woman's complete sexual objectification. i first read it three years ago after finding it on the street in upper manhattan. it was a total destiny find, since at the tender age of 19 i was also a fan of sade, although i found the works of sacher-masoch to be more compelling. but this, in my opinion, surpasses both. should be part of the sex-pos canon. enjoy!


Jocasta said...

I read the Story of O more than once, years ago.

I should read it again, now that I am in a S and M lifestyle to see how my perceptions have changed.

unspeakable axe said...

I've never read it. It's been suggested to me a number of times but I'm waiting for part two, where O decides to go dominant.