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Monday, August 25, 2008


a while back i signed up for my 2nd year of summer camp. actually, i was the 30th person to sign up. overeager much?

i'm super psyched about going, especially since all my friends are signing up too! i know it's gonna be a kickass time, and that i'll probably get into more trouble than i will all year. i already have a few evil scenes planned out in my head.

but this year, my goals in going to camp are different. last year was my first camp and, let's face it, my aim was to lay as many hot people as possible. and wow did i meet my goal, with some of the raunchiest and most fun sex i've ever had.

this year, though, i'm in a different place. i'm in a place where i want to see stronger ties within the community. i'm in a place where i want to see more personal responsibility, more ethics and more thought put into sex itself. i'm in a place where i want to see deeper platonic connections between people, and sexual connections that don't necessarily end in sex. i'm in a place where i want to explore all that it means to be sex-positive, welcoming of new connections and respectful of old, and throughout fully responsible and honest about what i can and cannot do.

to that end, i'm going to sex camp with the intention of abstaining from actual sex. i'll definitely be playing with people, both sexually and in a bdsm context, but i want to be able to forge strong platonic connections that don't rely on actual penetrative sex. this is an area i've always had trouble in, and i think going to camp with these boundaries clearly in place will enrich the experience this time around.

my first time at camp, i wanted to be free to have as much sex with as many people as i wanted. this time, i want to be free to form connections in the sex-positive community that aren't predicated on sex. we'll see how THAT goes...

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Tear Drop said...

I totally get that. It's not all about sex! Not that there's anything wrong with sex, of course. ;)

I'd love it if you wrote more about this, especially about building ties within the community.